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Why Christ ?

The Bible tells us that God is love, God your creator loves you. The Bible also tells us that God is just. The problem is that every one of 
us have sinned against God by the choices we’ve made. Sins are the things that are displeasing to God that are written in the Bible. 
Sin is rebellion against the God that created us, and our sins like a wall, separate us from him. This is what keeps a person from 
experiencing God’s love and guidance in this life and because God is just it also determines where we will spend eternity. God doesn’t 
want anyone to go through life separated from him, he wants to have a relationship with us, nor does he want anyone to go to hell for 
eternity but as a just God when you and I in our free will choose to sin, to be just he’s got to carry out his judgment. 
A just God cannot ignore our sins.

  So it is that on our own every one of us would be separated from God in this life and when we die we would be cast into hell. But 
because God loves you and I so much he provided a solution. The death sentence for our sins had to be paid so God sent his own son 
to die in our place. “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, 
but have everlasting life”. Jesus Christ suffered and died on a cross to pay the price for our sins and then God raised him from the dead. 
Only through Jesus can our sins be forgiven. 

You can have God's forgiveness today and experience the love of God in this life and have the assurance of eternal life in heaven. The 
Bible tells us to receive this gift of salvation you must repent, which means to turn away from your sins and turn to God, and accept 
Jesus as your Lord, the King of your life and saviour.

Explaining why a man believes in Christ to someone who hasn't experienced Christ can be hard to put into words. The problem is that 
if you haven't experienced Christ, faith in him seems unfounded and if you have faith in Christ it seems so obvious. And there's only one 
way to cross that line from the one side to the other. A way that seems so simple when your looking back at it but seems too simple 
when your standing in front of it. The way to find Christ, to know that he's real is just this, written in the Bible (God's written words to 
man) it tells us "Seek me and ye shall find me". It's that simple, seek him (honestly) and you WILL find him. Find him and faith just happens 
because faith comes from knowing the truth. 
These few things I know to be true: There is one true and living God, He loves us, He sent his only son Jesus Christ to bring us back to 
him, He's given us the Bible, and if you Seek him you WILL find him.